The Stretch Suit Worn By Hollywood Stuntmen

November 01, 2018

The Stretch Suit Worn By Hollywood Stuntmen

The Stretch Suit
A stretchy, lightweight and durable suit worn by Hollywood stunt doubles, martial arts champions and men who live a marathon lifestyle it’s confirmed: The Stretch Suit is the weapon of choice for the modern man.

What is The Stretch Suit? Who is it for?

Designed in London, made in Europe, The Stretch Suit is the world’s most comfortable line of suits. 

What began as a daunting undertaking has quickly grown into a highly-acclaimed lineup of jackets, pants, and tuxedos. From water repellent renditions to classic black blazers, The Stretch Suit hasn’t failed to amaze anyone so far, impressing the likes of famous actors, Hollywood stuntmen and on-the-move businessmen. However, despite being extremely sought after by close protection professionals, The Stretch Suit isn't just for secret agents...

The unique and innovative design gives men the freedom to move. With a comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and (of course) stretchable fabric, The Stretch Suit allows men to reach their full potential without ever having to change out of their work attire. That makes it perfect for everyone from professional stunt men and athletes to the everyday working man.


The Stretch Suit’s Debut

As one of the highest performing outfits in the world, The Stretch Suit has become quite popular with Hollywood stuntmen and actors - Adam Brashaw a stuntman and action actor wore The Stretch Suit for our latest shoot commercial and photo shoot, he performed daredevil flips and tricks without breaking a sweat or ripping a suit. He recently doubled for Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds in Hitman’s Bodyguard. 

Adam Brashaw also doubled Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Instagram: @adambrashaw
James Bond Style

The same goes for Wushu champion, Steve Coleman, who helped in proving that The Stretch Suit is as versatile as it is comfortable. What makes The Stretch Suit particularly great for Steve is that he has larger-than-average muscular legs, which means finding a typical suit to fit him properly is a tough ordeal. So, naturally, when he came across The Stretch Suit, he immediately gave it a try. Since then, Steve has been a loyal wearer.

Instagram: @stevewushu

So, whether or not you plan on pulling off superhero-style moves like Adam Brashaw and Steve Coleman, you’ll still be able to fully appreciate the comfort and flexibility The Stretch Suit provides.


You Have Options

The Stretch Suit designers knew they were filling the gap in many different markets when they originally released the design. Aside from being flexible and comfortable enough to be worn from London to Hollywood and everywhere in between, The Stretch Suit designers also wanted to cover some key under-served areas of the clothing market.

That’s why The Stretch Suit comes in a variety of options, from performance versions that feature water repellent material to Big and Tall sizes that allow men to be comfortable and work their best at any size. The point is, no matter what segment you fit into, you’re sure to find that The Stretch Suit is the most comfortable option out there.