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Our Story

The Real Game Changer For 
The idea to design and create The Stretch Suit started by a team of British entrepreneur's who experienced a big problem that men face day to day: Travelling to work, to an interview and even at their own wedding was uncomfortable and unreliable due to the discomfort and easily ripped fabrics when performing simple tasks like tying a shoe lace or getting into a car without fear of a rip in the crotch.
The Stretch Suit tackled the gap in the market head on by combining the technology used in sports and luxury fabrics with modern tailoring.
Quality, Performance and Perfection
When you purchase The Stretch Suit, you get a suit unlike anything else on the market. There may be imitations on the market but we take that as a compliment. Fortunately we are the only ones who offer hand tailored craftsmanship alongside a high level of quality Italian fabrics.
Each suits final touch is hand tailored before it reaches your doorstep, we are proud to present you the only suit you will ever need - Watch our video below: