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The World's Most Comfortable Suit

Introducing The Stretch Suit, designed for Men who Move

Made for men who move

The Stretch Suit In Action

Introducing The Stretch Suit and 'The World's Most Comfortable Stretch Suit' range. Gone are the days of wearing an uncomfortable suit; no more struggling to tie your shoe laces. Finally, the freedom to move and reach your full potential in a suit.

The Stretch Suit bridges the gap between work and play, our suits are breathable, lightweight and most importantly, stretchable.

Features of The Stretch Suit:

1. Reinforced buttons

2. Strong 360 degree stretch fabric

3. Moisture wicking wool for sweat fighting

4. Lightweight suit for easy packing and travelling 

5. Breathable fabrics

The Suit For Work and Play

Designed for those always on the go

Effortless Style

Hand Tailored to Your Measurements

Be The Best Man

The Suit Made for Every Occasion

Travel Without Restrictions

The Stretch Suit is made from specially designed fabrics that are durable, breathable and stretchable.


The Suits are absolutely perfect!

Chrissy | 3RUN Parkour Athlete

The Stretch Suit gives me the freedom I need, for maximum performance without restrictions

Steve Coleman | European Martial Arts Champion

The most comfortable suit I've ever worn!

Mark Torres | International Model and Actor


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