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How To Look And Feel Confident On Valentine's Day

January 21, 2018

How To Look And Feel Confident On Valentine's Day

First dates (and all the ones to follow, for that matter) can leave you feeling like a nervous wreck. Whether you’re shy or out-going, everybody gets butterflies in their stomach before they go out to meet a girl that could potentially turn into someone more, if all goes right. Before your date, you get caught up worrying about where to go, what to do, and of course, what to wear.


Although the outfit dilemma is definitely a big ordeal for women, it’s just as important (if not more so) that the man figures out the right thing to wear. After all, you might not be the most fashion savvy guy in the world, but it’s almost a guarantee that any female’s trained eye will pick up on a fashion faux pas you might not have even noticed you made.


How to Feel Confident

The first step to feeling confident on your date is to look good (we’ll cover that in a minute), but there are also some other things you should be sure to do so you won’t be self-conscious about them throughout your date:

  • Make sure you have your hair nicely trimmed and styled. If you’re at a loss for what to do, look online for inspiration. 
  • Be sure that you bring along your wallet, a watch, and any other essentials. The last thing you want is to be searching for your money, or your phone, in the middle of a date.
  • Freshen your breath with a hydrogen peroxide rinse before you leave. Mouthwashes with alcohol will dry out your mouth and can cause bad breath, and chewing gum can make you look rude (or lead to some embarrassing slip up). If you pick up a bottle of peroxide, you’ll find rinsing instructions on the back. It doesn’t taste minty, but it will beat bad breath!


Blue Stretch Suit Valentines

How to Look Good

Looking good isn’t actually that hard for men at all. All you need to do is follow one simple secret: Get a suit, and get it tailored.


A well-fitted suit will always look good, no matter the event, time of day, or weather outside. You simply can’t go wrong. And, as we said above, looking good goes hand-in-hand with feeling good and confident. If you have a well-fitted suit, that’s the first step.


But, even a suit that looks tailored to your height and shape won’t necessarily be comfortable if you get the wrong material. And that’s why we recommend you give The Stretch Suit a test run. It’s the most comfortable, highest quality suit you can buy. When you’re wearing it, everyone else is thinking about how well-dressed you are while you’re thinking about how impossibly comfortable it is!


So, to sum it up, the secret to a date that goes off without a hitch is to look good, feel good, and relax. Follow those tips and you’ll have a great time!